08 d’agost 2009

Teng Biao talks to his daughter

Copio directament la traducció a l'anglès d'aquesta història corprenedora sobre l'advocat Teng Biao, un dels meus admirats.

Teng Biao

Teng Biao published an interesting conversation between him and his three-year old daughter on his sina blog. The conversation happened after Teng answered a phone call.

"Dad, who has been taken away by police?"
"Uncle Xu Zhiyong has been taken away by police."
"Why uncle Xu Zhiyong was taken away by police?"
"Because uncle Xu did the right thing."
"Why uncle Xu was taken away by police because he did the right thing?"
"Because police officers did the wrong thing."
"Why did police officers do the wrong thing?"
"Because police officers sometimes do wrong things, so we need uncle Xu Zhiyong to do things."

"Let me ask you, has dad been busy working everyday?" (Teng)
"Yes, busy." (daughter)
"Busy doing what?"
"Busy working on computers and taking flight."
"My work, as well as uncle Xu's work, is to make sure police officers make less mistakes. Do you understand?"
"Then will you be take away by police officers?"